One paper, one poster, and one demo are accepted for CHI 2022

  • Taejun Kim, Auejin Ham, Sunggeun Ahn, Geehyuk Lee, Lattice Menu: A Low-Error Gaze-Based Marking Menu Utilizing Target-Assisted Gaze Gestures on a Lattice of Visual Anchors,┬áCHI 2022.
  • Youngbo Aram Shim, Taejun Kim, Geehyuk Lee, QuadStretch: A Forearm-wearable Multi-dimensional Skin Stretch Display for Immersive VR Haptic Feedback, CHI 2022 Interactivity.
  • Jeongmin Son, Sunggeun Ahn, Sunbum Kim, Geehyuk Lee, Effect of Contact Points Feedback on Two-Thumb Touch Typing in Virtual Reality, CHI 2022 LBW.

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