AtaTouch, ThroughHand, Heterogeneous Stroke, and StickyPie are accepted for CHI 2021

Four papers have been accepted for CHI 2021. See you soon at the online virtual conference!

  • Daehwa Kim, Keunwoo Park, Geehyuk Lee, AtaTouch: Robust Finger Pinch Detection for a VR Controller Using RF Return Loss, CHI 2021.
  • Jingun Jung, Sunmin Son, Sangyoon Lee, Yeonsu Kim, Geehyuk Lee, ThroughHand: 2D Tactile Interaction to Simultaneously Recognize and Touch Multiple Objects, CHI 2021.
  • Taejun Kim, Youngbo Aram Shim, Geehyuk Lee, Heterogeneous Stroke: Using Unique Vibration Cues to Improve the Wrist-Worn Spatiotemporal Tactile Display, CHI 2021.
  • Sunggeun Ahn, Stephanie Santosa, Mark Parent, Daniel Wigdor, Tovi Grossman, and Marcello Giordano, StickyPie: A Gaze-Based, Scale-Invariant Marking Menu Optimized for AR/VR, CHI 2021.

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