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We have four full paper and two late-breaking-work presentations at CHI 2019.

  • Diagnosing and Coping with Mode Errors in Korean-English Dual-language Keyboard
    Sangyoon Lee, Jaeyeon Lee, Geehyuk Lee. CHI 2019.
  • TORC: A Virtual Reality Controller for In-Hand High-Dexterity Finger Interaction
    Jaeyeon Lee, Mike Sinclair, Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Eyal Ofek, Christian Holz. CHI 2019.
  • Like A Second Skin: Understanding How Epidermal Devices Affect Human Tactile Perception
    Aditya Shekhar Nittala, Klaus Kruttwig, Jaeyeon Lee, Roland Bennewitz, Eduard Arzt, Jürgen Steimle. CHI 2019.
  • VirtualComponent: a Mixed-Reality Tool for Designing and Tuning Breadboarded Circuits
    Yoonji Kim, Youngkyung Choi, Hyein Lee, Geehyuk Lee, Andrea Bianchi. CHI 2019.
  • Improving Two-Thumb Touchpad Typing in Virtual Reality
    Jeongmin Son, Sunggeun Ahn, Sunbum Kim, Geehyuk Lee. CHI 2019 EA.
  • FingMag: Finger Identification Method for Smartwatch
    Keunwoo Park, Geehyuk Lee. CHI 2019 EA.