Ph.D. Student of
Computer Science, KAIST


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Research interests

  • interaction design, gesture, feedback


Projects involved



  • Jingun Jung, Eunhye Youn, Geehyuk Lee,
    PinPad: Touchpad Interaction with Fast and High-Resolution Tactile Output, CHI 2017.
  • Eunhye Youn, Geehyuk Lee,
    Slack-Scroll: Sharing Sliding Operations among Scrolling and Other GUI Functions, UIST 2014 Adjunct
  • Eunhye Youn
    스크롤링과 그 외의 GUI 기능에서 슬라이딩 동작을 공유하는 방법, The method to share sliding operations among scrolling and other GUI functions, Master thesis, 2015