Ph.D. candidate of
Computer Science, KAIST




Research interests

  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Text Entry
  • Sensor based interaction
  • Virtual Reality



  • Jeongmin Son, Sunggeun Ahn, Sunbum Kim and Geehyuk Lee,
    Improving Two-Thumb Touchpad Typing in Virtual Reality (Late Breaking Work), CHI 2019
  • Jeongmin Son and Geehyuk Lee,
    FingerSkate: Relaxing the Physical Constraint of Two-Finger Touchscreen Operations, IJHCI 2017
  • Jeongmin Son and Geehyuk Lee,
    Comparison of Two Target Selection Methods for Two-Thumb Touchpad Typing, IJHCI 2017
  • Jaehyun Han, Jeongmin Sohn, and Geehyuk Lee,
    LaserFoot: 6-DOF Tracking method over an Optical Touchscreen, HCI Korea 2016
  • Jeongmin Son (Master’s Thesis)
    RemoteType: 근접 감지 터치패드를 이용한 원격 환경에서의 문자 입력, 2014
    RemoteType: Text Entry in a Remote Condition Using a Hover-tracking Touchpad, 2014
  • Jeongmin Son, Geehyuk Lee,
    FingerSkate: Making Multi-Touch Operations Less Constrained and More Continuous (Poster), UIST 2013
  • Sunjun Kim, Jeongmin Son, Geehyuk Lee, Hwan Kim, Woohun Lee,
    TapBoard: Making a Touch Screen Keyboard More Touchable, CHI 2013 (Honorable Mention)



  • Best TA Award, Data Structure (Spring Semester, 2016)
  • Best TA Award, Human Computer Interaction (Fall Semester, 2015)
  • 2nd Creativity, UIST 2013 Student Innovation Contest
  • Honorable Mention, CHI 2013
  • 2nd Creativity, UIST 2012 Student Innovation Contest