Associate Professor of Computer Science, KAIST



office: Room 708,  N1 Building, KAIST
phone: +82 (42) 350-3557


Research interests

  • Interaction devices and techniques
  • High-physicality user interfaces
  • Mobile application design & evaluation


Selected publications

  • Sunjun Kim, Jeongmin Son, Geehyuk Lee, Hwan Kim, Woohun Lee,
    TapBoard: Making a Touch Screen Keyboard More Touchable, CHI 2013
  • Jiseong Gu, SeongKook Heo, Jaehyun Han, Sunjun Kim, and Geehyuk Lee,
    LongPad: A TouchPad Using the Whole Area below the Keyboard on a Laptop, CHI 2013
  • SeongKook Heo and Geehyuk Lee,
    Indirect Shear Force Estimation for Multi-Point Shear Force Operations, CHI 2013
  • Jinhyuk Choi, SeongKook Heo, Jaehyun Han, Geehyuk Lee, and Junehwa Song,
    Mining Social Relationship Types in an Organization by using Communication Patterns, CSCW 2013
  • Jaehyun Han, Sangwon Choi, Seongkook Heo, Geehyuk Lee,
    Optical touch sensing based on internal scattering in a touch surface, Electronics Letters, Vol 48, Issue 22
  • SeongKook Heo and Geehyuk Lee
    Force Gestures: Augmenting Touch Screen Gestures with Normal and Tangential Forces, UIST 2011
  • SeongKook Heo , Jaehyun Han, Sangwon Choi, Seunghwan Lee, Geehyuk Lee, Hyong-Euk Lee, Sanghyun Kim, Won-Chul Bang, Dokyoon Kim, and ChangYeong Kim,
    IrCube: An Optical Six Degree-of-Freedom Tracker Based on LED Directivity”, UIST 2011
  • SeongKook Heo and Geehyuk Lee
  • Jaehyun Han, Seongkook Heo, Geehyuk Lee, Won-Chul Bang, DoKyoon Kim, and ChangYeong Kim,
    A 6-DOF tracker using LED directivity, Electronics Letters, 47(3)