Ph.D. Student of Computer Science, KAIST


twitter: @youngbo_aram


Research interests

  • Haptics
  • Tactile Interfaces
  • Auditory Interfaces
  • Accessibility


    • Jiseong Gu, Youngbo Aram Shim, Sunbum Kim, and Geehyuk Lee,
      A Small Virtual Keyboard is Better for Intermittent Text Entry on a Pen-Equipped Tablet, ISS 2018.
    • Youngbo Aram Shim and Geehyuk Lee,
      Demonstrating Gamepad with Programmable Haptic Texture Analog Buttons, UIST 2018 (Demo).
    • Youngbo Aram Shim, Jaeyeon Lee, and Geehyuk Lee,
      Exploring Multimodal Watch-back Tactile Display using Wind and Vibration, CHI 2018