Jaehyun Han, Sunggeun Ahn, Geehyuk Lee

Continuing a touch gesture into the air (or the hover state) can be a beneficial when we design complementary touchscreen operations. We introduced a new interaction concept by utilizing the hover state as a consecutive interaction space followed by the touch state.
Currently, we presented two examples of the proposed interaction concept to show the feasibility of this concept.

Push-Push is an example operation utilizing both the pressed state and the hover state.
: A drag operation is used for many two-point functions in mouse-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs), but its usage in touchscreen GUIs is limited because it is mainly used for scrolling. We propose Push-Push as a second two-point touchscreen operation that is not in conflict with a drag operation. We implemented three application scenarios and showed how Push-Push can be used effectively for other two-point functions while overlapping drag operations are used for scrolling.

Transture is a new gesture concept that extends the interaction space of a touch gesture into the hover state.
: In order to cope with usability problems of touch gestures caused by the small touchscreen size of a smartwatch, we propose a concept, named Transture, which relaxes the spatial constraints of touch gestures on the small screen by allowing them to continue beyond the screen border into the air. We designed three Transture examples for panning, zooming, and menu. We conducted a preliminary user study to verify its feasibility and collect design issues for improving Transture designs for future work.


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