Ph.D. Candidate of
Computer Science, KAIST



Research interests

  • High-physicality touch interface
  • Sensor based mobile interaction


Projects involved

  • ScreenPad
  • TouchString



  • Jiseong Gu, Seongkook Heo, Jaehyun Han, Sunjun Kim, and Geehyuk Lee,
    LongPad: A TouchPad Using the Entire Area below the Keyboard on a Laptop Computer, Accepted to CHI 2013
  • Sangwon Choi, Jiseong Gu, Jaehyun Han, Geehyuk Lee,
    Area Gestures for a Laptop Computer Enabled by a Hover-Tracking Touchpad, APCHI 2012
  • Jiseong Gu, Jaehyun Han, and Geehyuk Lee,
    HandCall: Calling a Tool by a Hand Gesture on the Tabletop, DIS 2012 Poster
  • Jiseong Gu and Geehyuk Lee,
    TouchString: a Flexible Linear Multi-Touch Sensor for Prototyping a Freeform Multi-Touch Surface, UIST 2011 Poster